Thursday, February 5, 2015

How To Use The Internet For Your Small Business And Stay Safe From Hackers

If you are running a small business, you are probably trying to get to grips with the vast array of communication tools. You may already have your business website up and running, but how often do you add new content? Do you ever send text messages or emails to your customers? And have you ever dabbled with online marketing? There are so many ways you can reach your target customers as well as building relationships with the ones you already have.

You can build your marketing campaigns by using social media like Twitter and FaceBook. You can also email messages direct to your customers or online pay per click advertising. You can reach customers through your website by offering them online chat. Sometimes you may send them instant messages on their mobile phones. Your website can be optimized to rank it higher in search engines for certain search terms too. All of these tools can be used to increase your customer base and bring more traffic to your website.

One of the most important ways you communicate with your customer is through email. If a customer has an enquiry, or if they are making an order, they will expect an email confirmation. This could contain all the information about your product and your company. If they have ordered online through your website, it may be that your order acknowledgment email is automated. If you manage this personally, you may create a personalized email for each customer.

If your work systems are not protected, your email account may be susceptible to malicious hackers. Hackers, viruses and hijackers are all very real dangers to any small business. If you receive and open an infected email, your IT systems could be exposed to attack. Your data could be lost or stolen, and spam emails may be sent from your email address to your contact list without you knowing. This has far reaching effects for a struggling small business and may leave your reputation as a company in tatters.

Email Security

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One way to avoid these problems is to utilize a service online like those supplied at This kind of service prevents bad emails getting into your system in the first place so they can’t cause any problems. While there are other things you can do, most problems arrive on your network through an email message. By getting rid of it automatically before you ever see it, these services can save you thousands of pounds and lots of headaches.

Protecting your business from these cyber attacks is paramount when you are running a small business. Protecting your email account can save you a fortune in PR trying to apologise and repair the damage from a hijacked email message sent to your customers. Worse still, if your customer data is breached, lost or stolen, you could be in significant legal strife too. This could be under the Data Protection Act and other international laws. Emailing customers is an essential part of running a business. Make sure your customers feel confident enough in you to open your emails.

How To Use The Internet For Your Small Business And Stay Safe From Hackers


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